Our Clinics

In conjunction with our clinical partners, we deliver superior amputee and prosthetic care everyday. Our clinics deliver the industry’s best amputee outcomes through AI, analytics, and next generation prosthetics. Unlike the big box, chain prosthetic clinics in this space, our distinctive model focuses on each step of the patient journey for an unmatched therapeutic experience. We bring the best amputee outcomes to local communities.

Fillauer Clinic serves Chattanooga, TN and northern Georgia.

Michigan Vascular Mobility serves Flint, MI and surrounding counties. 

Premier Surgical Prosthetics serves Knoxville and surrounding counties.

Reform Prosthetics serve Savannah, GA and Maumee, OH areas.

VSA Prosthetics serves the Atlanta, GA metro area.

The Surgical Clinic serves the Middle TN, Southern, KY, and Northern, AL areas. 

Coastal Vascular serves the Charleston, SC area.

Legacy Prosthetics serves the Lexington, KY Region and surrounding counties.

Evansville Prosthetics serves the Evansville, IN Region and surrounding counties.

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