Physician Solutions to Elevate Outcomes

Our model pairs up the surgeon, patient, prosthetist, and care coordinator to assure the best overall outcome for the patient and their family. While this closely integrated care model assesses and ushers the amputee through recovery, our business experts navigate compliance, coding, appeals, revenue, and prosthetic inventory. You can focus on patients and procedures. An Amputee Associates’ partnership enables you to achieve remarkable results with a very distinct patient profile.

Leverage Your Surgical Expertise with Our Prosthetic Management Services for Transformative Outcomes

New Robust Revenue Streams
Compliant Care Coordination
Industry's Highest Mobility Rates
Agile Care Team Collaboration

Unique Prosthetist Training
Responsive Metric Tracking
24/7 Operational & Clinical Support
Highest Patient Satisfaction
Revenue Cycle Management

C/E Training for Support Staff
Proprietary Protocols
Comprehensive Start-Up Training
Clinic Specification

Innovative Surgeries

Depending upon on patient profile, some cases respond better with these precise surgical techniques. With our experience, the Amputee Associates Clinical Team can assist your surgical specifications for better patient outcomes.

Modified Through the Knee Amputation

Traditional AKA

Transtibial Amputation with Extended Flap & Bone Bridge

Surgical Techniques

Amputee patients rebound better with more advanced surgical procedures. Learn more here about the ERTL and Modified-mazet through the knee amputations.

ERTL Technique

Modified-mazet Through Knee

Post-Op Protocols

Our specialized prosthetists are patient focused and assist with the pre-surgical consult through the entire recovery process. The all-hands-on approach helps build trust and a lifetime loyalty that benefits the patient, family, and surgical practice. We are relentless in pursuing every possible solution to the often-tumultuous recovery process.

The Amputee Associates’ care team manages the incision site care, post-op swelling, and flexion contractures prevention. As the patient journeys through the recovery pathway, our team monitors and intervenes for the best possible recovery with the goal of full prosthetic utilization.

Clinic Management

Integrated amputee care in a single location delivers the highest mobility rate and best patient experience in the industry. The on-site care coordinator and prosthetist partner with your physicians to deliver our seamless care model that optimizes recovery. Prosthetic delivery is a complicated process that we have refined to reduce appeals and facilitate proper claim codes and notes.

Our proprietary platform follows the patient from post-op through final prosthetic delivery along with a lifetime of follow-up for tune-ups and supplies. Unlike standard EMR systems that are pay per visit, our intuitive system supports the clinical team for a personalized care pathway.

  • Tracks Patient Progress to Mobility
  • Temporary Socket Fittings
  • Rehab Progress
  • Wound Healing & Checks
  • Intermediate Prosthetics & Fittings
  • Final Prosthetic Delivery
  • Gait Training
Prosthetist and amputee adjusting prosthetic

Next Generation Prosthetics & Fabrication

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We are passionate about configuring the best prosthetic solutions that offer reliable functionality, comfort, and technical advancements. Overcoming limb loss is a challenge and today’s best prosthetics help patients rebound and pursue their ambitions without limits. Our team has researched the best components from the top manufacturers to assure superior performance.

Many of these components are quite costly and Amputee Associates stands ready to manage your clinic’s prosthetics by:

  • Specifying the inventory for daily operations and repairs
  • Listing the exact tool kit for on-site repairs and adjustments
  • Quick turn-around for custom sockets by our central fab
  • Identifying optimal materials for the most comfortable and reliable sockets
  • Offering unique socket customizations
  • Cutting edge components for maximum mobility
  • Volume discounts from all the major manufacturers
  • Design and layout for the clinical shop for best space usage
  • Annual audits for better inventory utilization

You can lean on us to manage the nuts and bolts of the physical prosthetic for the best performance and financial return.

Revenue Cycle Performance Metrics

Your success is our success! Amputee Associates makes it easy to make your practice thrive.

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< 90 %

Amputee Associates' clinics grow over 25% annually

medicare allowable
per prosthetic

Less than 5% have not been collected

Revenue Cycle Management is one of the
things we do best

Each year, U.S. physicians refer over $3B annually to outside prosthetic clinics. Our proven formula captures this untapped prosthetic revenue and boosts your bottom line. 

Proven Revenue Workflows

Optimized prosthetic reimbursement achieves the highest receivables in the industry with less than 5% uncollected. Our proprietary software automates the workflow to prevent denials & recoups, assure compliance, and accelerate collections. 

Prosthetic revenue management integrates compliant coding, notes, and processes to assure rapid payments and minimize appeals and recoups. 

Continual engagement builds loyalty and generates lifetime revenue streams with scheduled prosthetic adjustments, replacements, and supplies. Even after the final prosthetic is delivered, patient engagement assures clinic revenue growth of ~25% annually. 

Our management fee is paid from actual collections and assures you of rapid payments and minimal receivable gaps. 

young man running on prosthetic leg

Amputation Recovery Pathway

Integrating prosthetic services into your practice delivers a seamless therapeutic experience for patients with limb loss. As your trusted partner, the complicated administrative and clinical work is shouldered by our experts so that you can focus on procedures while the patient enjoys a personal recovery journey. Join our network to deliver remarkably better outcomes and the highest patient satisfaction for this distinct patient profile.