Expertly trained

Care coordinators are embedded in your clinic to monitor and analyze patient progress for the best recovery progression. The physician, coordinator, and prosthetist work in conjunction for the best outcome.

Our patient facing professionals specialize in building trust for lifetime relationships and unsurpassed satisfaction. We make it easy for prosthetic patients to keep coming back and growing your revenues year after year.

An embedded prosthetic clinic adds significant revenue to your practice.

Our on-site prosthetic clinics enjoy an annual ~growth rate of 25% and a 10% volume prosthetics discount that further enhance the bottom-line year over year.


Our team continually evaluates and manages daily operations to assure reliable performance.

Monthly dashboard analytics will keep you updated and free your focus to patient procedures.

Proper prosthetics can be tricky, but with our analytics driven specifications, the highest utilization rate in the industry is realized. Your clinic will benefit from our volume discounts and precise specification.


Proprietary prosthetist training assures optimal outcomes

With our proprietary training, your prosthetist is empowered to better specify prosthetic components and design a rehab regime to achieve the industry’s highest mobility rate.